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Dash board lights

dash board lights

Buy best 12V 14mm LED Dash Panel Warning Light Indicator Lamp sale online store at wholesale price. Plastic dashboard with genuine 4 indicator lights set (red, green, blue, orange) for motorcycle URAL. ✤ Dashboard warning lights description: If your car have a warning light comes on you know a warning light mean? Is it safe to keep driving or.

Dash board lights

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Add to Wishlist. Want know when this product will be available again? Notify Me. No reward points for this product. Написать отзыв. Related Products. Load Resistors LED These are made to a high standard and not cheap looking warning lights. These are a simple design with very clean lines and a nice flat led light surface and comes with 20mm of wire already attached allowing easy fitment.

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Оставьте собственный отзыв. NO registration required! I want to know:. Dashboard warning lights help you quickly diagnostics or known about a warning light. Red serious problem or safety issue. Select a light image and answer the question The result will help a warning light solving. Безопасно ли продолжать водить машинку либо, как вы думаете, нужна помощь? Предупреждающие индикаторы на приборной панели посодействуют для вас быстро диагностировать либо выяснить о сигнальной лампе.

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Most warning lights do not mean a car is nearing imminent failure. Rather, they notify drivers of a potential issue that needs to be reviewed. Minor failures like a loose gas cap can cause warning lights to pop on, startling many drivers. Fortunately, all dashboard symbols are color coded, allowing you to determine your next course of action easily. Only a flashing red light means pull over immediately.

There are three dashboard light colors on most dashboards: yellow, red, and orange and, occasionally, blue or green. The most severe alerts are displayed in red or orange. Generally, if you see an orange or red warning light, pull over as soon as safely possible and drive cautiously to determine what is happening. Yellow lights typically indicate a less-serious problem. Schedule a service appointment for your vehicle as soon as possible. Finally, green or blue occasionally even white lights indicate a particular feature or system, like high beams, has been activated and is working properly.

Each dashboard symbol corresponds to one aspect of the car. These symbols can be grouped together by color, system, importance, etc. Engine Light: One of the most sensitive lights on a Ford, the check engine light has two warning levels. For less serious issues assuming the vehicle is operating normally , the light will stay on but remain steady. If the light blinks, however, there is a major issue.

Do not drive the vehicle. Have it towed to the nearest repair facility. The check engine light can fire for a variety of reasons, from improperly closing the gas cap to a catalytic converter failure. Stay vigilant about your check engine light.

If it comes on, do not wait. Handle the issue immediately. Unless the separate BRAKE warning system comes on, continue driving, but make an appointment today to get this fixed. Brake Lights: When illuminated with the engine on, the parking light is engaged.

The ABS control units use a wheel sensor at each wheel to check the speed of each wheel. The ABS is made not to lock your brakes entirely when you panic brake your vehicle. To learn more about this light and system, you can check out our other article ABS Light. How to solve it: To get rid of the ABS light , the easiest way is to read your trouble code memory.

There is a problem with an ABS ring , sensor, or the wirings to it usually. But to find the right wheel to troubleshoot, you have to read the trouble codes with an OBD2 scanner. You can also check the fuses for the ABS control unit. How serious is the ABS light? When the light is on, the whole ABS function is shut off, and it is not safe to drive with if you are not familiar with it. The light will most likely not damage any other parts, but it is a traffic security question.

If you want to learn more about the airbag systems, you can check our other articles: Safe to drive with the airbag light on? The easiest way to fix this is to read the trouble code memory to find the trouble code. You have to use an OBD2 scanner to read the airbag control system. Note: The cheapest obd2 scanners can only read the engine control unit; if you want to read the airbag control unit , you may need a more advanced one or let a workshop read it for you.

A common cause for the airbag light is the connector plug under the driver or passenger seat. If you noticed that the airbag light appeared when you were moving the seat, it is most likely a bad connection in the connector under the seat. Take it apart and clean it and erase the trouble code memory. How serious is the airbag light? When the light is on, your airbag system is out of function, and the airbags will not deploy if an accident occurs.

But it will not damage anything more if you keep driving with it. What it means: This warning light means there is a low level of washer fluid in the reservoir. How to solve it: The first thing you should do is fill up the washer fluid reservoir. Note that your car may have two washer reservoirs one for the headlight washer , and you may have to fill up both.

Check your service manual if there is more than one reservoir. If you live in a cold country, always make sure that you are using the right mix of washer fluid and water. It can also be a wiring problem between the sensor and the dashboard or a faulty dashboard. How serious is the washer fluid light? The washer fluid light is not very serious about keeping driving with.

What will happen is that you may run out of washer fluid, and you cannot clean your front or rear windshield. It will not damage any other parts if you keep driving with the light on. What it means: This warning lights means that there is a problem with your traction control system. You can often find these warning lights together with the ABS light because the systems are working together and use the same wheel sensors. To find out more about how to diagnose this warning light, you can check our article Traction control light.

How serious is the traction control light? When the traction control light is on, your anti-spin and traction control will not work, and it can cause an accident if you are not familiar with driving without it. It will most likely not damage any further parts if you keep driving with the light on. What it means: This warning light means that there is a problem with your TPMS tire pressure monitoring system or that one of your tires has a low tire pressure.

How to solve it: To fix the tire pressure monitoring system light, you should first ensure that you have the correct tire pressure in all your tires. After you have filled the tire pressure light, you have to reset the TPMS system. There are several methods to reset the TPMS system depending on what car you have; some vehicles have to drive for 15 minutes, and some cars have a button for the reset. It can be a fault like the control unit does not communicate with one of the sensors.

How serious is the TPMS light? If there is a sensor or programming, reset the problem causing the light to show up; it will not damage your car if you keep driving with the car. But a showing TPMS light could also mean that you have a flat tire.

Check your tire pressure when the light is on. What it means: This warning light could mean two different things depending on which car model you have. How to solve it: First, you should check if there is time for scheduled service for your vehicle.

Some cars have scheduled service for a replacement of the diesel particle filter Like BMW. If you get this warning light together with the engine light, there is most likely a faulty sensor to your particle filter. If you are only driving short distances, this light can light up if a particle filter regeneration was done a long time ago.

When you are driving, your car is making regenerations when the engine is hot, and you drive long distances. If you are only driving short distances, you may need to connect a diagnostic scanner and do a manual regeneration. How serious is the particle filter light? If the particle light just showed up, it will not damage your car if you do not drive too far with it. I recommend checking it at a repair shop quickly. What it means: It means that one or several seat belts are not fitted correctly in one of the car seats, or there is a problem with any seat buckle.

How to solve it: Typically, you have to connect the seat belt for every person inside the car. Some vehicles use load-monitored sensors in the back seat and passenger seat to see if they are sitting there. If you put a lot of stuff on the seat, you may have to connect the seat belt to get the light to go off.

It could also be a faulty seat sensor or a faulty seat belt buckle causing this light to stay on. A small tip is to remove the connector for the seat buckle to see if the light is turning OFF. In some vehicles, it is the opposite; you have to short the two wires.

Always check a wiring diagram for your vehicle before doing these experiments. How serious is the seatbelt warning light? Even if the light is red, it will not damage your vehicle if you keep driving with this light on.

What it means: This warning light can mean two things. The coolant level is low or that the coolant temperature is too high, and the car is about to overheat. How to solve it: To solve this issue, first check the coolant level in your coolant reservoir. NOTE: The coolant may be boiling, and you should never open the cap if the engine is hot as it may cause serious injuries. If the level is low, fill it up and check carefully for any leaks of the coolant. The coolant should not disappear by itself, and you will either have an internal or external leak of the coolant on your engine.

Sometimes, there can be minimal leaks, and it is hard to find them. If the coolant level is OK, it can be caused by overheating, and it needs proper diagnosing. It can also be a faulty coolant level sensor causing this light to appear.

How serious is the coolant temperature light? When the coolant temperature warning light shows up, you should always check the coolant level and stop your vehicle as fast as possible. If you keep driving with the light on, it can cause serious damage to your engine, which may result in an engine replacement.

You can let it cool down and keep driving after a while if you have to drive to the workshop but always check the temperature gauge. Low oil pressure can cause serious damage to your engine, and you may have to do a whole engine replacement. How to solve it: First, check your engine oil level to make sure there is any oil at all in the oil sump.

If the oil level is OK, you have to do more diagnostics for your oil pressure problems. To learn how to diagnose oil pressure properly and get possible symptoms and solutions, check out this article: Low Oil pressure problems. It does not have to be a low oil pressure problem, and there could be an oil pressure sensor problem or the wirings to it. How serious is the oil pressure light?

You should never drive with a red oil pressure light. If you keep driving with the light on, and the oil pressure is low, it may cause major engine damage. Usually, you have to replace the whole engine if you drive with low oil pressure. What it means: When the oil can is yellow, it usually means that the oil level is low or the oil temperature is a bit high depending on the car model.

If the oil level is OK and the light is still ON, it can be a problem with the oil level sensor or the wires to it, and it needs proper troubleshooting. In some cars, you have to drive for a while to update the oil level if the vehicle uses an electronic oil level measurement. Always check your oil level when this light appears. A low oil level is never good to drive with, and it can damage your engine seriously if the oil pump is pumping air instead of oil caused by a low level.

What it means: You can find this light in cars with automatic transmission. The transmission locks the gears when you are not pushing the brake to minimize the risk of accident switching to the Drive or Reverse gear. How serious is the shift lock light? The shift lock light is not a warning light, and therefore it should be on, and it is not dangerous to drive with.

What it means: This light indicates that the fog lights rear or front, depending on the symbol are turned ON. How serious is the fog indicator light? The fog light indicator should light up when the fog lights are on and are therefore not dangerous to drive with. How to solve it: Normally, you have to refill your fuel tank to get this light to turn OFF. If the fuel tank is full and the symbol is still there, there might be a problem with the fuel level tank sensor or its wirings.

It can also be an internal fault in your instrument cluster. To diagnose this problem, I recommend letting a skilled car electrician take a look at it. Often, the fuel level tank sensor can get stuck inside the tank, and it can help drive and refill the tank a couple of times. How serious is the fuel level indicator light? If you keep driving with the light on and your fuel level goes to zero, your vehicle will stop. Make sure you have fuel in the tank all the time.

What it means: This warning light indicates that the immobilizer could not recognize your car keys or there is a problem with the immobilizer system.

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