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best crypto bot

Cryptohopper is the best crypto trading bot currently available, 24/7 trading automatically in the cloud. Easy to use, powerful and extremely safe. Trade your. Individuals and traders all over the world would like to have a Bitcoin auto trading tool. What can be better than working on what you like and having your. crypto bot free. bittrex bot download. binance bot download. gunbot. binance trading bot top. crypto trading bot top. python bot for binance.

Best crypto bot

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To trade in the crypto world, there are certain gadgets that an individual must possess. One of such is a crypto wallet, which is your first stop. A wallet allows you to store your digital currencies and is considered the safest way of doing so. When you have your wallet, you can visit an online web service to purchase some cryptocurrency that can be bought with conventional money.

You can also exchange currencies on these platforms. There are certain things you should consider before you buy your digital currency. You need to get basic knowledge of the currencies available and decide which you want to buy.

You also need to study price action and carry out an adequate risk analysis to decide when to buy and how much to buy. This can be profitable in the long run, but if you are not willing to wait, Bitcoin Trading is an effective strategy. Due to its high value, Bitcoin can be exchanged for virtually any other cryptocurrency, and you can trade Bitcoin manually by simply buying low and selling high.

Here are some steps to follow:. This includes day trading, which is simply capitalizing on the short-term price movements by opening and closing a position within a single trading day. If you expect a price increase, you go long and if you expect a fall, you go short. If you feel burdened by the lengthy process, there is a replacement for trading bitcoin manually, which is the application of automated bots.

Trading bots have permeated the crypto world and are better and more efficient at timing the market. They are reliable, secure, profitable, transparent, and easy to use. It is also important that you carry out in-depth research before choosing a trading bot. The bot, which is quite popular, requires the computer to be on for it to complete a trade, unlike the newly developed bots.

This means it can run continuously and trades can be carried out at all times. The app also caters to both new and expert traders as it has an external trade signaller to run its trades while allowing experts to tweak the settings to input their trade signals. It also allows the user to open several crypto trades simultaneously. This free bot allows users to communicate directly with its developers and also allows them to personalize their trading methods.

The bot is connected to the Telegram messenger and sends notifications to the user upon completion of a trade. It is also programmed with a set of trading strategies but allows personalization. Whether you decide to trade bitcoin manually or utilize one of the crypto trading bots, it is important to remember that the crypto market is volatile.

Its currencies experience high percentage fluctuations daily, with no value increase sometimes. You should prepare for risks and carry out proper technical analysis just like you would for traditional stock market trades.

It must be easy to remember, but not too easy. Your birthday, house address, birthplace, etc. A secure password has random letters and numbers. It must also have an external backup. This is in case you lose or forget it. If written on paper, you must have sole access to it. Keep in mind that, if you lose your back up, everything could be lost. Since the crypto trading platform does not save a copy, no one can help you recover it.

Updating the device from where you access a wallet or perform bitcoin trading with or without a crypto trading bot is necessary. Otherwise, you run the risk of exposing your software and the information you have stored. It is important to have an antivirus, as you will probably download files and visit websites that could be contaminated with malware.

The best practice is to use a single device to perform your digital trading activities, bitcoin wallet, and trading platform access. There is always the possibility of an attack. If they are not insured, you will lose everything. This includes your trading capital and profit.

For this reason, whenever you are not actively trading, it is preferable to not keep your bitcoins on an exchange for a long time. Crypto is also susceptible to colluding attacks. They could cheat the network into accepting unlawful transactions or other nefarious actions.

Relying on software is not enough. Combining software, such as a crypto trading bot, with your experience is sure to give you an edge in a volatile market. The crypto market is very volatile. Some cryptos are more volatile than others are. When involved in crypto trading, it is best to diversify the investment. This will protect you from the risk of a single asset. It will also allow you to profit from the spread.

This is a good practice in the crypto trading.

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Libraries like CCXT can allow you to interface with a bunch of exchanges. Predetermining the trading strategy that your bot will follow is critical. In this stage, you specify the logic and calculations that will help your bot to determine when and what to trade. After creating the strategy, you must backtest it to see how it performs. We will talk about the strategies that you can implement in a bit. The next step is to execute it in real-time.

In this stage, the logic that you have hardcoded into the bot will be converted to API requests that the exchange can understand. Some bots may even have allowed you to simulate your strategy in real-time with fake money. Now that you hard-coded the strategies and tested them out in the real-world, its time to finally automate the entire process. You need to set-up a job scheduler to execute your trading strategies automatically.

We have touched on this point a little before, but there are a lot of functions that a well-executed bot can conduct for you like rebalancing, portfolio management, data collection, smart order routing, etc. So, when it comes to choosing and coding your bots, you must follow the basic rules of automation:. Repetitive admin tasks consume a lot of time and effort.

One of the best ways where bots can help with repetition is in periodic rebalances. So, you have two options:. Timing and achieving a high degree of accuracy in your trading is extremely necessary for trading. Every single trade that you make can have an enormous impact on your potential earning. The bot can be easily programmed to monitor the market and execute a trade at the correct times. Plus, imagine the headache if you actually have a well thought out and diversified portfolio!

The amount of research you will have to do every single day may be impossible for you to do single-handedly. Plus, as we have mentioned before, the trading process has plenty of repetitive and cumbersome tasks. A trading bot can efficiently conduct these repetitive tasks throughout the day and make the process much simpler for you.

As we have mentioned before, the cryptocurrency market never shuts down. While this may sound amazing, the reality is that the price can change around the clock. Unfortunately, this means that to make sure that you are leveraging your funds in the best way possible, you will need to be awake all the time, carefully reading the price charts.

It seems pretty easy-to-understand, right? However, the execution of this trade could be nearly impossible. This is just one of the many examples of the several complexities that should be factored in while training. Some strategies could be almost impossible to implement.

Trading bots could be used to automate these complex and seemingly impossible strategies with ease. Here are some strategies that you can hardcode into your bots. The content for this section has been sourced from this article.

This assumption holds true both for traditional and cryptocurrency markets. The reason why this happens is because of the overall market psychology. A momentum investor judges the ebb and flow of the market by its momentum. An ideal scenario is to ride a positive momentum wave with your assets and then immediately sell them off when the market momentum reverses. The core philosophy behind this is the belief that the prices of an asset will spike above its average and then run out of momentum and fall down.

In this situation, the timing of the buy-in and sell-off is critical. The price of an asset can vary in different exchanges. This mainly happens due to fragmentation in price across marketplaces. With the Arbitrage strategy, you will be able to make a profit by buying and selling on exchanges simultaneously. To exploit these price differences, you will need to buy and sell X, almost at the same time.

By feeding relevant information to your bots, you can help it determine the correct entry and exit times. In the cryptocurrency market, the price of the asset can change wildly as per fundamental news like articles, tweets, and other similar content. Using NLP programming, one can teach their bots how to programmatically interpret words and phrases and analyze the underlying sentiment.

Partnership news is usually pretty bullish. These are the bots hardcoded with the arbitrage strategy. Blackbird is one of the better arbitrage bots in the market. While the code does require a little bit of work, it is free for use. The reason why it does so is because of the following:.

Market making bots places several buy and sell orders to net in a quick profit. HaasBot is one of the best market making bots out there. This bot has been around since and is based out of Rotterdam. Here are some features of Haasbot to keep in mind:. The main components of these bots include rules that signal when to buy or sell, and rules indicating when to close the position alongside rules determining order size and portfolio allocation. Trality is known as one of the best tools for creating these algo trading bots.

Trality is used by traders with different experience levels and skill sets to create bots and automate their trades with its intuitive and all-in-one, cloud-based ecosystem. Furthermore, the prospect of trading beyond technical analysis indicators is what keeps the pros coming back to Trality. The real power lies in the ability to use math, statistics, and other sources of data to take your bot to the moon and back.

You can automate any advanced trading ideas with this tool all under one roof. These bots will focus on helping their users to create, obtain, and maintain their desired portfolio, instead of active trading. The reason why users use these bots is to automate as much of the boring, repetitive tasks as possible.

HoldBot is an example of a brilliant portfolio automation bot. Hodlbot maintains an index that consists of the top 20 coins by square root market cap. When the price fluctuates, the HodlBot automatically rebalances your portfolio by selling out-performing assets instead of purchasing under-performing ones. Here are some features about Hodlbot to keep in mind:.

These bots use indicators and signals to predict future price movements and use them to make a profit. Bitsgap is best known for its unique automated trading bots. Thousands of traders with different experience and skill sets are using Bitsgap on a daily basis to maximize returns by automating their trading.

It distributes investment proportionally within a trading range predefined by a trader. Each time the buy limit order is filled, a new sell order is placed by the bot right above that price. And vice versa, a new buy order is placed below any filled sell order. As long as the price stays within the borders of the trading range, the bot will be trading non-stop. As you consider which trading tools to invest in, take a look at the educational content that is available on the site.

In order to reach the growing market of new crypto traders, many of the platforms on this list have developed training modules, blogs, and videos to educate their users. Also consider the support offered for when things inevitably go wrong. With responsive chat or phone support, bugs and updates can be promptly addressed so that you can get on with trading—otherwise you might waste valuable time waiting days or weeks for email reply.

It can be easy to rack up a high number of trades when trading with crypto bots and automated tools. Tax is the leading crypto tax software that is partnered with many top crypto trading bots, terminals, and tools on this list. Having good crypto tax software that supports your crypto trading strategy will keep your tax reporting extremely easy and stress free.

Checkout this guide to learn more about how crypto tax reporting works. CryptoHopper is one of the most used trading bots on the market, and it offers many of the features that a beginner should be looking for: paper trading, backtesting, trailing stop-loss and a strategy designer tool that makes it easy to customize your trading strategy with the help of over indicators.

They have a robust tutorial section for beginners as well as the option of purchasing the best strategies and templates from expert traders. Within their signaler dashboard they make it easy to subscribe to many external signalers. CryptoHopper is cloud-based and supports up to 12 exchanges, and they are always adding more. For advanced traders, CryptoHopper has a marketplace of free and paid signals which you can combine with technical indicators to customize your own strategy.

They do have a free Pioneer package that enables manual trading and portfolio management, but if you really want to get a sense for their trading bot you should try their 7-day free trial of the Explorer package. Binance, Binance. Bitsgap is a newer bot on the market that allows for automated trading with pre-built algorithms. These algorithms allow users to take advantage of fluctuating market movements and ideally generate profit on eery trade.

In addition to out-of-the-box algorithms, Bitsgap offers signals to users alerting you of coins with the strongest potential in the short or long term. The Bitsgap tool also offers a complete trading terminal allowing users to make trades directly in the app.

Checkout Bitsgap here. The company offers a free 14 day trial to get started. HaasOnline is one of the most popular automated trading platforms for advanced traders, and it has a proven record since They started out with a server based platform but have recently added a cloud based option as well.

Haasonline has a powerful backtesting engine that draws from up to 56 weeks of historical data. One of its premier features is the Flash crash bot which allows you to do a spread order strategy on the market you choose.

They currently support 22 exchanges and margin traders will be pleased with the wide variety of futures trading platforms available. Though it is a great option for advanced traders their Visual Editor does simplify the process of building trade strategies without coding.

Haasonline offers three packages for a one time payment of. They do not offer a completely free trial, but you can try their premium plan for 2 weeks at a discount. Binance, Bilance Futures, Binance. This platform especially stands out for their trailing stop tool. This means that you can take advantage of a sudden price rally because the trailing stop will keep your position open for as long as the price increases.

As soon as the price reverses, your position will automatically be closed. Another great feature of 3Commas is that they offer multiple currency support. Beginners can start with their paper trading feature to test out their strategies. Advanced traders will get value out of their SmartTrading tool which allows trading from multiple exchanges and pairs from within their streamlined interface.

Tax to bring automated tax reporting to their users. If you want to access marketplace signals that is an additional subscription through their Marketplace. Shrimpy is a portfolio management platform that also provides tools for automated trading.

Shrimpy became famous for its auto-rebalancing portofolio tool; however, recently Shrimpy launched their very own terminal for trading across multiple exchanges. The terminal allows you to trade directly from the Shrimpy interface instead of having to go to an exchange. This is another platform that really stands out for streamlined UI and strong tutorial section.

They offer a wealth of features including backtesting, social trading, and portfolio rebalancing. Shrimpy has a great community as well as social trading features built in. You can tap into the community through Reddit, Telegram, or Discord to learn more about how other users are leveraging the tool and making profits. Shrimpy has also partnered up with CryptoTrader. Tax to offer a simple solution for tax reporting to its users.

If you become a shrimpy user, you can sleep easy knowing that your tax reporting can be automated with this CryptoTrader. Tax partnership. Getting started building out your automated portfolio is free. They also offer enterprise pricing for businesses and crypto companies looking to leverage their software for trading. Bibox, Binance, Binance. Coinigy is one of the leading cryptocurrency terminals on the market. Similar to a few others on this list, the Coinigy platform allows you to integrate directly with your exchanges of choice and the trade across all platforms directly from the Coinigy UI.

Coinigy is a cloud-based platform that in addition to web, offers iOS and android apps of its product—allowing users to trade via mobile devices. The Coinigy platform boasts hundreds of thousands of users leveraging its suite of trading tools today, so you know you are in good hands. In addition, the Coinigy team has partnered with CryptoTrader. Tax to allow all of its users trading on its platform to have access to easy tax reporting.

Coinigy users can import their trades directly into CryptoTrader. Tax and the software will automatically create their needed tax forms based on their historical trade data. See more about this partnership here. Higher tiers get access to a greater depth of features and tools. Zignaly is another new trading terminal that offers a free trial with their paper trading option.

What started out as a top provider of cryptocurrency signals, has grown into a full-fledged crypto trading platform and suite of tools for traders. Zignaly offers copy trading, trading bots, and a full crypto terminal within the platform. It is cloud-based software, and the team is focused on being a low barrier to entry platform that simplifies the entire process from start to finish. One of the best features of Zignaly is the depth of their signals integrations.

You can pull in signals from your favorite signals provider to trade automatically on these signals. Zignaly is another trading platform that has partnered up with CryptoTrader. See more about the partnership here. Zignaly is completely free to use as a result of their partnership with various cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is a huge advantage over competing products, and it makes giving the platform a try a no-brainer! When it comes to building your own trading strategies Kryll. Their strategy editor offers an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows you to build a trading strategy graphically. You can then try out your strategy in demo mode for free; you only have to pay once you start using it for real trades. Kryll has a very active trading community which makes their Marketplace a competitive feature for the platform.

Beginner traders might want to start with renting a strategy from the Marketplace. They do not offer a free trial, but their pay per use model lets you try out the product a little bit at a time without committing to a subscription. Based in the UK, Coinrule is one of the newer trading bots on the market and their focus is making trade strategy design as accessible as possible. With beautiful UI and an expansive tutorial section written with simple terminology, this platform was designed with beginners in mind.

In the spirit of the name Coinrule, trade orders are referred to as Rules. Coinrule has a free trial that lets you try out the product with 1 exchange and up to 2 rules. For paid options they have 3 packages for a monthly or yearly subscription.

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Imagine you just bought a large sum of bitcoin and the next day your money doubles, only for you to lose it all in an evening trade.

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Thanks to the effectiveness of this tool, users no longer have to rely on the buy and hold strategy. Shrimpy has two main portfolio rebalancing types: time periodic and threshold rebalancing. If you choose the first one, Shrimpy will rebalance your portfolio daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference to achieve your desired crypto weightings. Threshold rebalancing means that when one of your cryptos deviates from the desired percentage by a predetermined amount e. To explore the potential of your strategy, you can use their Backtesting services.

Shrimpy offers a monthly membership for its services. The Hodler account is free but this subscription allows you to create a portfolio, monitor and track your performance, and link the portfolio to support exchanges. You just need to contact their team to agree on the terms and conditions. HodlBot Website: hodlbot. These bots help traders automate some of the most tedious and repetitive tasks that they would otherwise have to do themselves.

The traders earn some extra time on their hands while HodlBot manages their portfolio the way they want. Typically what these bots do is they by and sell assets to keep the same percentage of crypto in your portfolio. The best feature on HodlBot is the crypto market index that consists of the top 20 coins by square market root.

The trading bot itself has a limited offer of preset strategies for portfolio management designed to match the most prominent crypto assets at the moment:. The number next to each strategy denotes the number of cryptocurrencies. If you choose the HODL10 strategy, for instance, it would mean that the trading bot would only focus on the top ten digital currencies, i. Kraken10 looks at the top ten currencies on the exchange. However, traders have the option to diversify the portfolio on their own and choose the currencies they want to hold onto.

HodlBot allows you to try their services for free during a 7-day trial. You can also subscribe for a fixed time, i. Pionex Website: pionex. Another automated bot, Pionex is actually a crypto exchange that offers nine different trading bots to its users. Pionex makes the trading experience seamless and intuitive, perfect for those of you interested to try out trading bots but scared away by its complexity. Pionex was the first platform to introduce the Grid bot to the crypto space, and it was immediately adopted by most platforms including 3Commas.

The Leveraged Grid Bot relies on the lending market and helps traders make crypto-loans to earn higher returns. The only difference between Margin and Leveraged Grid Bot is that the Margin one locks up your funds as collateral. You can also go long or short with this bot.

The Reverse Grid Bot helps you buy large quantities of your target asset when the price goes down. Rather than doing it manually, the DCA bot buys the same dollar amount of investment at a determined interval. Trailing Take Profit is another popular crypto trading strategy that helps you sell close to the highest asset price. Pionex is the first crypto exchanges to aggregate liquidity from two international exchanges Binance and Huobi Global. As a result of the deal it has with Binance and Huobi, Pionex offers one of the lowest fees in the crypto industry.

Bitsgap Website: bitsgap. Bitsgap is yet another automated trading bot founded in and used by novices and experts from around the world. You can try the bot in Demo mode or run backtesting to select some predefined strategies that worked well in the past. One of the best things about Bitsgap is that you can use it free of charge for two weeks no credit card required! Again, you get to use trading signals, manage your portfolio, make extended order types, and try demo trading.

Coinigy Website: coinigy. Coinigy is a multipurpose web-based platform founded in and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Coinigy allows users to link their crypto exchange and crypto wallets accounts and access them from one single interface. The setup and configuration process has a slight learning curve to it. Once you pass this step, the trading process occurs more smoothly. Its charting interface beats even TradingView because Coinigy supports more crypto exchanges, thousands of cryptocurrency trading pairs, and has over 70 technical indicators.

The most popular feature on Conigy that sets this trading bot apart from other bots is the ArbMatrix feature. ArbMatrix helps you spot arbitrage opportunities on crypto exchanges where you already have an account and are linked to Coinigy so that you can profit from the price differences between these crypto exchanges.

However, you should still have in mind the trading fees that are usually not reflected in the stated asset price. Some other great Coinigy features are the Bitcoin Chart Scanner and the Social Scanner that detects social mentions on your target crypto assets. Coinigy offers three types of membership. With unlimited API accounts and chart layouts, advanced order types, and access to some Premium features like ArbMatrix and unlimited session length. Their official website claims that new exchanges are added regularly.

The best thing about Kryll is definitely the drag and drop trading strategy editor which allows customers to build their own strategies graphically. This is done by picking up functional strategy blocks. Instead, the platform charges you with transaction fees per trade which means you only pay for the time you use the services.

If you already hold KRL tokens in your account, you can use them to reduce your fees. For example, if you hold zero KRL tokens then you get no discount and only 10 simultaneous bots. Quadency Website: quadency. This technology uses can simultaneously process thousands of backtests per day for different bots using different parameter combinations to find the most profitable ones and polish them even more. Moreover, you can perform up to 10 backtests per day, access to one bot at a time, and only email support.

Professional portfolio managers can contact Quadency to purchase an Institutional account to get unlimited trading access, a number of backtests, and simultaneous bots. These accounts also have priority support. Gunbot Website: gunbot. On Gunbot you can either create your own trading strategy or enjoy some of the numerous strategies on offer.

Bollinger Bands seems to be the most popular and lucrative strategy according to traders. The Gunbot crypto trading bot also has a Lite version with a smaller selection of trading features that still gives you a glimpse of what it would be like to use the fully-fledged version. Another characteristic feature of Gunbot is its token-based licensing system. The platform has a native token called Gunthy, an ERC tradeable token created by the Gunbot community.

Those customers who own this token can instantly become Gunbot License owners. This package costs 0. The Standard package costs 0. The Pro package has a discount at the moment and costs 0. It gives you access to trade on three exchanges simultaneously, Gunthy tokens, and a backtesting add-on on top of the Standard package features.

Finally, the Ultimate package costs 0. Zenbot is one of the few open-source Bitcoin trading bots on the crypto market that can be run on your computer or hosted on the cloud. Zenbot is one of the rare bots that both supports an extensive list of crypto assets and high-frequency trading.

However, Zenbot is definitely not suitable for beginners. It supports JavaScript so experienced developers can create some complex bots too. Zenbot is free and open-sourced for everyone to download and use it. The code can easily be downloaded from Github and used without limits for non-commercial purposes.

This trading bot is an online software founded in by David Coronado and Bartolome Bordallo in Madrid, Spain that runs on the cloud and allows traders to link to their crypto exchange accounts via API and place their orders automatically. Instead of risking real money from the start, Zignaly gives you the option to try out their services via paper trading. Not only does it prevent you from losing money, but this feature is also a great starting point if you want to better understand the market before joining in for good.

But the best thing about Zignaly is its crypto signal integration. Why would users trade with crypto signal providers? Instead of spending extra time carefully waiting for the next market movement, these services will send you signals, i.

Zignaly has no coin limitations for this service, accepts multi-targets from signals, DCA-based rebuy strategies, and allows trading with TradingView signals. As a result, Zignaly has lifted the membership fee and has made all its features including unlimited exchange accounts, trading pairs, positions, and priority support free for everyone to use them. Disclaimer: Digital currencies and cryptocurrencies are volatile and can involve a lot of risk.

Their prices and performance is very unpredictable and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Consult a financial advisor or obtain your own advice independent of this site before relying and acting on the information provided. Many crypto traders can remember the amazing feeling of waking up in the morning and finding out their portfolio has generated high returns on their investments.

On the other hand, many can relate to the disappointment of waking up to a bullish market that resulted in a heavy loss. Crypto trading bots can alleviate a great deal of the anxiety that crypto investors are facing on a daily basis. Using a predesigned strategy aligned to your risk appetite, these bots observe the market movements, execute trades for you, and help you capitalize at the right moment. The most important quality of a crypto trading bot is reliability.

But how can you be sure you can rely on its performance? To find out whether a trading bot is reliable or not you should do your research and read articles and user reviews to learn about their experiences and level of satisfaction. Security is another number-one priority when searching for the right crypto trading bot. The bot takes care of and manages your finances and has access to personal details and sensitive data.

Before you subscribe to a bot, check the security measures of the platform e. Profitability definitely plays a role in your choice of trading bots but you also need to be realistic about your expectations. Higher returns come from taking bigger risks but so do great losses. Crypto trading bots need to be affordable for more traders to use their services.

Typically, the platforms that offer trading bots have their own Pricing terms. Some of them offer free trials so that users can familiarize themselves and hopefully fall in love with their features. Then, they can subscribe to one of their monthly or annual tiers. There is also some reliable open-source bot software that is free. Customer support is another segment that deserves your attention. Online user reviews are most helpful in finding out whether a trading bot has a responsive customer support team or fails to answer customer queries in an acceptable hour timeframe.

The available communication channels include email, phone lines, live chat, or social media. One of the main principles behind cryptocurrencies is that of transparency. It also makes them feel like their demands, comments, and queries will be heard and solved promptly. Crypto traders are frequently put off by complex trading bots that require previous coding knowledge and ask them to set up the software themselves.

The purpose of these bots is to make crypto trading easier and accessible not only to institutional but to retail traders too which is why they should feature beginner-friendly user interface, tutorials, and video guides on using the bots. Arbitrage bots are hardcoded with the arbitrage trading strategy which involves making a profit from the price differences between two crypto exchanges.

It means buying cryptos from one platform the one that offers a lower buying price and selling them on another the one that has a higher selling price. The second most popular trading strategy is market-making. It involves continuous buying and selling cryptocurrencies by placing orders with a different price from the market one in an attempt to capture and profit from the spread between the buy and sell price.

The trading bot will place such limit orders on both sides of the book outside of the spread. Crypto trading bots are great for following crypto market trends and executing an order accordingly. The trend-following strategy involves observing the movement of your target asset and identifying its momentum to earn higher gains.

Therefore, you can simply program your trading bot to execute buy and sell orders based on market trends. When the cryptocurrency experiences an upward trend , the bot will enter into a long position, and vice versa, when the crypto trends downward, the bot will enter into a short position. Copy-trading became popular thanks to the global forex and ETFs brokerage platform, eToro , and then it spread to the cryptocurrency market as well.

This is especially beneficial for beginners who get the change to learn from their more experienced colleagues until they feel comfortable enough to develop their own strategies. Ordinarily, the sophisticated nature of the financial and cryptocurrency markets means that we can only trade on one platform at a time.

In this example, the disparity in pricing is minute. However, when Bitcoin goes through a period of parabolic activity — meaning that its price goes up or down extremely quickly in a very short period of time, the disparity in pricing between exchanges can be significant.

What this means in the context of Bitcoin trading bots is that you stand a really good chance of making gains in the form of an arbitrage trade. For those unaware, an arbitrage trade is where you profit from the price difference of a single asset across two or more platforms. However, it is also important to note that if an arbitrage opportunity does arise in the Bitcoin trading markets, it will not be present for more than a few minutes. Once other traders have spotted the opportunity, the markets will quickly catch up and once again, cryptocurrency exchange prices will be more aligned.

This means that regardless of what timezone you are operating on, your Bitcoin trading bot can make risk-free gains when exchange price disparities occur. One of the biggest pain-points for seasoned traders is that cryptocurrency trading platforms are often limited in what they offer. By this, we mean that the number of order types available will often be capped at basic market and limit orders.

For those of you that are looking to install sophisticated strategies into your Bitcoin trading endeavours, an automated bot is ideal. While we will explore the specific strategies available further down in our guide, this includes a range of technical indicators and triggers that subsequently transition into market orders — all of which can operate across multiple exchanges 24 hours per day. In effect, third-party platforms that offer Bitcoin trading bots often allow you to design and program the algorithm from the ground-up.

This allows you to mirror your sophisticated trading strategies around the clock — without needing to spend a single second at your computer trading. A further benefit that must be highlighted is the fact that Bitcoin trading bots are suitable for all experience levels. On the one hand, they are ideal for advanced traders, insofar that investors can utilize highly advanced trading strategies around the clock.

With the capacity to install thousands of potential triggers built into the bot, the underlying algorithm can make a significant amount of calculations per second — something that is beyond the capacity of the human brain. At the other end of the spectrum, Bitcoin trading bots are also ideal for inexperienced newbies. The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, novice traders that wish to utilize an automated bot can purchase a pre-programmed strategy, meaning that no experience is required to put the bot into action.

The novice trader can then configure the pre-programmed strategy to their individual requirements, such as the amount of money that the bot trades per order, or the specific exchange platform s that the bot operates on. Secondly, newbie traders now have the option of building a bot from the ground-up — even if they have no experience or knowledge in the field.

Such platforms even allow you to test the bot in the open marketplace without risking any money. As such, traders can then make the required adjustments until they feel the bot is ready to perform. The final benefit that is worth a quick mention is with respect to emotions.

Irrespective of the underlying asset that is being traded, emotions are one of the biggest roadblocks for investors, not least because they often lead to irrational behaviour. By this, we mean making high-risk decisions in response to an adverse trading result.

The rational part of you is confident that a bear market is in the making, and thus — you should exit your position. In doing so, although you will have made a loss, you will have likely limited these losses by closing the trade. This is a perfect example of a rational trade. However, many traders are unable to handle large losses, with the emotions of such a loss leading to irrational behaviour.

With that being said, a Bitcoin trading bot would not have made the same mistake. As such, a Bitcoin trading bot completely alleviates the threats of adverse emotions and irrational thinking, which is crucial. So now that you know some of the many benefits that Bitcoin trading bots can offer, in the next section of our guide we are going to look at some of the key trading strategies that an automated bot can execute on your behalf.

Read: Should You Invest in Bitcoin? Before we explore some of the main strategies that a bot can implement, it is important to note that the specific strategies available to you will depend on your chosen provider. While some of the providers that we discuss further down in our guide might offer some of the below strategies, others might not.

The obvious starting point is the capacity to execute age-old market and limit orders. This is where you instruct your bot to buy or sell Bitcoin when it hits a certain price. Although market and limit orders are available on the vast majority of, if not all, third-party cryptocurrency exchanges, it is important to remember that a bot can do this for you when certain conditions are met.

At the same time, your bot can then proceed to place additional orders on your behalf. This is something that you would otherwise have had to do manually. Bitcoin trading bots are not only useful when the markets are on the up. On the contrary, they also have the capacity to execute orders when the markets are going down. If the bot has been programmed correctly, then it should be able to differentiate between a bull and bear market, meaning that it can execute sensible trades as and when a key movement occurs.

Once again, the bot will only perform trades based on the underlying software that it has been programmed to follow, so do bear this in mind. A trailing stop loss is one of the most powerful features that the Bitcoin trading bot can implement. For those unaware, this is where you have the chance to protect your gains when the markets are going in your favour, but at the same time, keeping a percentage of your order open to ensure that further gains are not missed.

The only way that you would be able to do this without the aid of a bot would be to sit at your computer for long periods of time. On the contrary, you could instruct your bot to leave half of your gains open, and proceed to make two additional orders. One order could instruct the bot to exit the trade if Bitcoin goes down by 1. This can be repeated indefinitely until the Dollar-cost averaging has been utilized in the traditional stock market arena for decades on-end.

In a nutshell, this is where you make small, but frequent, purchases of a particular asset. In the case of the Bitcoin trading sphere, such a strategy could be useful when the markets on a downward trend. In layman terms, by purchasing Bitcoin as its price is falling, you stand the chance of buying the asset at a discounted price.

While doing this manually is certainly possible, the process would be significantly more effective if you allowed a Bitcoin trading bot to execute your requirements autonomously. However, it is important to note that most third-party cryptocurrency bots allow you to program the software to detect potential opportunities. The key metric that will determine whether or not your arbitrage trading endeavours are successful is the number of exchanges that the bot supports.

Ideally, you will want the bot to be supported by as many exchanges as possible. This will ultimately increase your chances of profiting from a potential disparity in pricing between one or more exchange platforms. As Bitcoin is significantly less volatile than it once was, the cryptocurrency often finds itself in a period of consolidation. This is where the price of Bitcoin trades within a certain, narrow range for a number of days or weeks.

In the context of trading, consolidation periods actually offers a number of opportunities to make gains. In fact, these opportunities are further amplified by utilizing a Bitcoin trading bot. Ordinarily, you would need to sit at your device for a significant number of hours to scrape the small gains that are available in a consultation period. Market movements are going to be minute, so you would constantly need to open and close trades as you go along. As we have noted throughout our guide thus far, taking a manual approach to Bitcoin trading over prolonged periods of time not only leads to fatigue and irrationality, but you will only be able to trade for a certain amount of time.

On the contrary, you can instruct your Bitcoin trading bot to scrape small profits within the pre-programmed consolidation parameter on a hour basis. By setting clear parameters as to when the bot should enter and exit a trade, such an automated strategy is actually low risk. It is also important to note that you are not limited to a single trading strategy at any given time.

For example, if your bot is instructed to scrape profits in a period of consolidation, it can still execute other orders that you set. If and when Bitcoin eventually breaks out of the pre-programmed consolidation area, it can then trigger additional orders — such as a trailing stop loss. Binance is the top exchange for trading crypto, it works with most of the bots listed above. Read our full review to find out more.

Once again, the specific process might vary depending on the provider that you go with. Your first port of call will be to choose a Bitcoin trading bot provider. You will need to make some considerations as to what you are looking for in an automated bot. Here are some of the questions that you should be asking before obtaining a bot from a new provider.

Before you begin to program your bot, you first need to decide what pairs you actually want to trade. For example, you might decide to trade Bitcoin against Ethereum, or against another fiat currency like the Euro. Alternatively, you might decide that you want your bot to trade multiple pairs.

Take note, some providers will limit the number of pairs that you can trade at any given time. Some will offer various subscription packages, with the more expensive plans offering a higher number of tradable pairs. Once you have decided what pairs you want to trade, you then need to determine whether you want to build your own custom bot from the ground-up, or simply purchase a pre-programmed algorithm that is already active in the market.

The specific option that you go for will ultimately depend on your experience and knowledge in the Bitcoin trading arena. On the one hand, many would argue that the best way to go is to build your own custom bot that nobody else is using. If the bot is successful, then you retain the secret sauce, rather than having to share it with heaps of other traders. By this, we mean that you get to see how successful the bot has been since it was launched into the live trading markets.

You also get to review comments that have been left by previous or existing users, which further allows you to gauge whether or not the bot is worth obtaining. While the exact process will differ from exchange-to-exchange, you are usually required to extract an API code from the platform in question. Next, you then need to paste this code into your chosen Bitcoin trading bot platform.

It is absolutely crucial that you do not activate the bot until you have gone through a testing phase. In this sense, you are best advised to choose a Bitcoin trading bot provider that offers this feature.

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